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select previous directory on `ivy--cd` #1257

Pitometsu opened this Issue Oct 29, 2017 · 6 comments


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Pitometsu commented Oct 29, 2017

When I call counsel-find-file, and jump to parent directory,
I actually see first item . selected.
What I expect to see is previous directory selected (like helm-find-file does).
Is it possible to customize swiper this way?

@abo-abo abo-abo closed this in 31e801f Oct 30, 2017


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abo-abo commented Oct 30, 2017

Thanks, please test.


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Pitometsu commented Oct 30, 2017

Confirm. Nice, thank you!

abo-abo added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 3, 2017

Revert "ivy.el (ivy-backward-delete-char): Preselect last dir"
This reverts commit 31e801f.

Reason: the new change conflicts with the common use-case of using
"R" (`dired-do-rename') to move a folder in dired to a parent folder.
With the new change, the first item selected after "DEL" is the start
folder inside the parent folder.

Re #1257

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abo-abo commented Nov 3, 2017

Sorry, but I had to revert the change. The same code is used for basically all completion. With this change, moving a file to its parent's parent became harder. I don't think it's a worthwhile trade-off for one-item history.

We can add a better history later if it's required, but it won't be on DEL.


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Pitometsu commented Nov 5, 2017

@abo-abo could you reopen this issue then?

Didn't know that counsel able to move files. How can I do it to check several variants for compatibility?

For now I just use additional command based on your changes:

(defun ivy-backward-directory ()
  "Forward to `kill-start-of-line'.
On error (read-only), call `ivy-on-del-error-function'."
  (if (and ivy--directory (= (minibuffer-prompt-end) (point)))
        (let ((old-dir (file-name-nondirectory
                        (directory-file-name ivy--directory)))
          (ivy--cd (file-name-directory
          (when (setq idx (cl-position
                           (file-name-as-directory old-dir)
                           :test 'equal))
            (ivy-set-index idx))))
    (condition-case nil
        (kill-start-of-line) ; a little different here
       (when ivy-on-del-error-function
         (funcall ivy-on-del-error-function))))))

(eval-after-load 'ivy
     (define-key ivy-minibuffer-map (kbd "C-l") 'ivy-backward-directory)

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Pitometsu commented Nov 5, 2017

Perhaps as common solution it would be better to add separate keymap for counsel-find-file (inherit it from general counsel keymap). It would let define additional behavior e.g. for arrow keys when point reaches begin/end of filename to do ivy-backward-directory and ivy-alt-done respectively.


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abo-abo commented Nov 6, 2017

Since you asked, I reopen the issue. I try my best to make available the necessary facilities for customization. But without special care, more customization can mean less consistency: just like we saw in the above commit.

counsel-find-file-map is already available for customization. You can customize whatever key you want and:

  • either keep it in your config
  • if it's reusable and useful to others, open a PR to counsel.el
  • start your own package based on ivy or counsel (nice examples are ivy-rich and counsel-projectile)

@abo-abo abo-abo reopened this Nov 6, 2017

@abo-abo abo-abo added the enhancement label Nov 6, 2017

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