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can you add swiper-the-thing-with-same-fontface #288

redguardtoo opened this issue Nov 9, 2015 · 3 comments

can you add swiper-the-thing-with-same-fontface #288

redguardtoo opened this issue Nov 9, 2015 · 3 comments


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That's useful when I want to replace all the things in text, but I don't want to wrongly replace sub-string of function or variable name.

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abo-abo commented Nov 9, 2015

There's already swiper-query-replace bound to M-q for that, exactly because the-thing-with-same-fontface is a very vague idea.

Swiper works line-wise, can't change that. So the thing could be in two places on a single line, with two different faces. That's one problem.

Additionally, faces apply to each character separately. Thing-at-point can have a different face for every single char. Suppose we restrict ourselves to only the cases where each entire match has face (plist-get (text-properties-at (point)) 'face). Then it can be done.

One more thing, the faces don't get assigned if the buffer is huge. See the code of swiper-font-lock-ensure. You can advise it to also work for huge buffers, but then you'll have to wait for a few seconds for swiper to start up.

Have a look at this code that's supposed to work, if we accept the above assumptions/restrictions:

(defvar swiper-like-this-face nil)

(defun swiper-like-this (&optional initial-input)
  "`isearch' with an overview using `ivy'.
When non-nil, INITIAL-INPUT is the initial search pattern."
  (setq swiper-like-this-face
        (plist-get (text-properties-at (point)) 'face))
  (let ((candidates (swiper--candidates))
        (preselect (buffer-substring-no-properties
        (minibuffer-allow-text-properties t))
          "Swiper: "
          :initial-input initial-input
          :keymap swiper-map
          :preselect preselect
          :require-match t
          :update-fn #'swiper--update-input-ivy
          :unwind #'swiper--cleanup
          :action #'swiper--action
          :re-builder #'swiper--re-builder
          :matcher #'swiper--like-this-matcher
          :history 'swiper-history
          :caller 'swiper)
      (when (null ivy-exit)
        (goto-char swiper--opoint)))))

(defun swiper--like-this-matcher (regexp candidates)
  "Return REGEXP-matching CANDIDATES.
Skip some dotfiles unless `ivy-text' requires them."
   (lambda (x)
      (string-match regexp x)
      (let ((s (match-string 0 x))
            (i 0))
        (while (and (< i (length s))
                     i (1+ i)
                     'face swiper-like-this-face
          (cl-incf i))
        (eq i (length s)))))

If you like the code, I'll integrate it.

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Contributor Author

Yes, I like every line you wrote ;)

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abo-abo commented Nov 11, 2015

Thanks for the suggestion and the testing. The C-c C-f toggle is now available for swiper.

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