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I have spotted one pretty annoying bug that prevents me from using worf-todo. When it's used it increments first number in heading by 1. Some might not find it critical, but it's critical for me as it changed some important data in my headings without me noticing it. Note that calling C-c C-t doesn't change anything in heading except for TODO keyword.

  • Steps to reproduce

First three steps are options, I just show how exactly I've tested it.

  1. Open up Emacs with -Q option.
  2. Add org, hydra and worf package directories to load-path and load them in that exact order.
  3. Open org-mode file with following content.
* Heading 1
** TODO Sub-heading 1: say 2
** TODO Sub-heading 2
  1. Enable worf-mode (e. g. M-: (worf-mode)).
  2. Place cursor at the beginning of second line (** TODO Sub-heading 1: say 2).
  3. Press t and select d for DONE.
  • What happens

The second line changes from ** TODO Sub-heading 1: say 2 to ``** DONE Sub-heading 2: say 2`.

  • What is expected to happen

The second line changes from ** TODO Sub-heading 1: say 2 to ``** DONE Sub-heading 1: say 2` without changing any numbers in text.

Worf version is 20161206.201. If you need any more additional information, please let me know.


Ok, it's seems to be intentional. Could you please explain what purposes this feature has? 😸

@abo-abo abo-abo closed this in ca9a42b Dec 31, 2016
abo-abo commented Dec 31, 2016

The intention is to automatically track how many times an activity was repeated, e.g. "weekly review 20" turns into "weekly review 21".


Oh yeah, it makes sense for recurring tasks. Thanks for the quick fix! 👍

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