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Transliteration is the conversion of a text from one script to another.
For instance, a Latin transliteration of the Greek phrase "Ελληνική
Δημοκρατία", usually translated as 'Hellenic Republic', is "Ellēnikḗ
.. code:: python
from polyglot.transliteration import Transliterator
Languages Coverage
.. code:: python
from polyglot.downloader import downloader
.. parsed-literal::
1. Haitian; Haitian Creole 2. Tamil 3. Vietnamese
4. Telugu 5. Croatian 6. Hungarian
7. Thai 8. Kannada 9. Tagalog
10. Armenian 11. Hebrew (modern) 12. Turkish
13. Portuguese 14. Belarusian 15. Norwegian Nynorsk
16. Norwegian 17. Dutch 18. Japanese
19. Albanian 20. Bulgarian 21. Serbian
22. Swahili 23. Swedish 24. French
25. Latin 26. Czech 27. Yiddish
28. Hindi 29. Danish 30. Finnish
31. German 32. Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian 33. Slovak
34. Persian 35. Lithuanian 36. Slovene
37. Latvian 38. Bosnian 39. Gujarati
40. Italian 41. Icelandic 42. Spanish; Castilian
43. Ukrainian 44. Georgian 45. Urdu
46. Indonesian 47. Marathi (Marāṭhī) 48. Korean
49. Galician 50. Khmer 51. Catalan; Valencian
52. Romanian, Moldavian, ... 53. Basque 54. Macedonian
55. Russian 56. Azerbaijani 57. Chinese
58. Estonian 59. Welsh 60. Arabic
61. Bengali 62. Amharic 63. Irish
64. Malay 65. Afrikaans 66. Polish
67. Greek, Modern 68. Esperanto 69. Maltese
Downloading Necessary Models
.. code:: python
polyglot download embeddings2.en
.. parsed-literal::
[polyglot_data] Downloading package embeddings2.en to
[polyglot_data] /home/rmyeid/polyglot_data...
[polyglot_data] Package embeddings2.en is already up-to-date!
[polyglot_data] Downloading package to
[polyglot_data] /home/rmyeid/polyglot_data...
[polyglot_data] Package is already up-to-date!
We tag each word in the text with one part of speech.
.. code:: python
from polyglot.text import Text
.. code:: python
blob = """We will meet at eight o'clock on Thursday morning."""
text = Text(blob)
We can query all the tagged words
.. code:: python
for x in text.transliterate("ar"):
.. parsed-literal::
Command Line Interface
.. code:: python
!polyglot --lang en tokenize --input testdata/cricket.txt | polyglot --lang en transliteration --target ar | tail -n 30
.. parsed-literal::
which ويكه
India ينديا
beat بيت
Bermuda بيرمودا
in ين
Port بورت
of وف
Spain سباين
in ين
which ويكه
was واس
equalled يكالليد
five فيفي
days دايس
ago اغو
by بي
South سووث
Africa افريكا
in ين
their ثير
victory فيكتوري
over وفير
West ويست
Indies يندييس
in ين
Sydney سيدني
This work is a direct implementation of the research being described in
the `False-Friend Detection and Entity Matching via Unsupervised
Transliteration <>`__ paper. The author
of this library strongly encourage you to cite the following paper if
you are using this software.
title={False-Friend Detection and Entity Matching via Unsupervised Transliteration},
author={Chen, Yanqing and Skiena, Steven},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.06722},