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-clutter-mono offers C#/Mono bindings to clutter
+clutter-sharp offers C#/.NET bindings to Clutter
- clutter:
- Mono:
+ Clutter:
+ Mono:
+This project is still very young and is not API complete or stable. While
+it is currently very useful and usable for complex Clutter usage, there
+are still many bugs and APIs to smooth out. If you use clutter-sharp at
+this stage, expect future releases to break API and require you to update
+your application code.
+Applications must copy the system-installed clutter-sharp and bundled
+dependencies with their application. The list of files to copy can be
+obtained through:
+ $ pkg-config --variable=bundlefiles clutter-sharp
+clutter-sharp requires Mono 2.4 or better, and gtk-sharp 2.12.1 or better

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