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SSH Utilities for MeeGo Remote Development
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MeeGo SSH Tools

Written by Aaron Bockover <>
Copyright 2010 Novell
Released under the MIT X11 license.

Tools for the Target MeeGo Machine:

  meego-ssh-setup-target    First you will need to run this script on any
                            MeeGo machines you'll want to work with. This
                            script takes care of installing and SSH server,
                            setting it up, and advertising the machine as a
                            MeeGo device over Avahi so it can be located by
                            the tools below.

Tools for the Development Machine:

  meego-ssh-setup    Locates MeeGo machines on the local network, and
                     configures the other tools to use the selected machine.

                     Run this script at least once, and any time you want
                     either want to work on a different machine, or the
                     existing machine's network configuration has changed.


                     Run this each time you set up a new machine, after you
                     have run meego-ssh-setup to select that machine. Run
                     it once for root, once for the user you set up on the
                     MeeGo machine. This tool will install your public key
                     into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

  meego-ssh          Proxy SSH commands to the selected MeeGo machine, for

                       meego-ssh killall -9 mutter

                        -or as a different remote user-

                       meego-ssh -l aaron echo \$USER

  meego-scp          Send files to the selected MeeGo machine, for example:

                       meego-scp "Foo" "Bar with Spaces" :
                       meego-scp -r directory /usr/share

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