A front-end A/B testing library
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Abo is a micro front-end A/B testing library.

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npm install --save abo

How it works?

The first time a user visits a page he gets an experiment assigned. The experiment's ID is stored in the user's cookies. He will not get other experiments assigned until the one he's on is active.

How is the traffic allocated between experiments? By default, the traffic is divided equally between all experiments. If some experiment has to have more or less traffic, it can be specified through the traffic parameter. The value of traffic has to be between 0 and 1. 0 is no traffic at all. 1 is 100% of the traffic.

How to target specific devices/pages/users with an experiment? An experiment will only be assigned to a user if its assignment condition is satisfied. The assignment condition is a function passed to the ac property that returns a boolean. So if an experiment is changing the homepage for mobile devices, the AC of the experiment can look like this:

function() {
  return location.href.indexOf('/homepage/') !== -1 &&
    matchMedia('(max-width: 749px)').matches;

Usage example

  id: '423',
  name: 'Blue buttons on Homepage',
  /* Assignment Condition */
  ac: function() {
    return location.href.indexOf('/homepage/') !== -1;
  traffic: 0.1, // 10% of the traffic will be assigned to this variation if the Assignemt condition was satisfied
  setup: function() {
      'background-color': 'blue'
}, {
  id: '132',
  name: 'New page title',
  setup: function() {
    $('title').html('New page title');

Project generation

Don't know how to bootstrap your A/B testing project with Abo? No problems, just use Yeoman generator for Abo.


The MIT License (MIT)