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Addition Game

GitHub : Repository
Deployment : Heroku

Working on the Riddle Game I had a problem. When a second user logs into the game the information is not separated between the users. This messes up the information for the first player.

This is the issue I want to tackle.

I will be using classes and generate a new object for each logged in user. I will still hold permanent information in json files.

Heroku Deployment


echo web: python > Procfile  
sudo pip3 freeze --local > requirements.txt

Logged in to heroku. (Need email and password)
See list of the apps I already have.
Creat a new app with the title "my-addition-game".

Creation of a new app can be done through the Heroku interface.

This can also be done using the following command lines. Please note that this will not set the Region to Europe but to United States instead.

heroku login
heroku apps
heroku apps:create my-addition-game

Logging into heroku and creating an app will also add a git remote. This can be viewed by listing the git remotes. [This requires that git has already been initialised.]

Or else do it manually:

git remote add heroku 

To view the remotes available use:

git remote -v

The result of the last command is:

    heroku (fetch)
    heroku (push)

Push the project to heroku.

git push -u heroku master

Deployed at:
Addition Game
Heroku Git

Create a watcher in heroku.

heroku ps:scale web=1

Next in the Heroku site.

  1. Select the app.
  2. From settings click on Reveal Config Vars. Here you need to create some configuration variables. Set the following key : value pairs IP PORT 5000

These will be the IP and PORT used in the following line of code in'IP'), port=int(os.getenv('PORT')), debug=True)

Restart all Dynos:
Go to More in Heroku and restart all dynos.


An addition game (Flask) that allows more than one user to be logged in. Uses Classes



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