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Alfresco deployment template using SOLR Sharding with two nodes routing the content by DB_ID
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Alfresco Search Services with Sharding

Deployment template based in official Docker Composition using SOLR Sharding with two nodes routing the content by DB_ID.

DBID (DB_ID): This method is available in Alfresco Search Services 1.0 and later versions and is the default sharding option in Solr 6. Nodes are evenly distributed over the shards at random based on the murmur hash of the DBID. The access control information is duplicated in each shard. The distribution of nodes over each shard is very even and shards grow at the same rate.

This configuration provides two SOLR Shards, identified as "0" and "1". This feature is only available for Enterprise version, documentation is available at SOLR Sharding.

Multiple shard instances have the following advantages:

  • It provides high availability in case a shard/node fails.
  • It allows you to scale out your search throughput because searches can be executed on all the instances in parallel.
  • It increases performance: search requests are handled by the multiple shard instances.

You should review volumes, configuration, modules & tuning parameters before using this composition in Production environments.

Source Images

Project structure

├── .env
├── config
│   ├── nginx.conf
│   └── nginx.htpasswd
├── docker-compose.yml
└── search
    └── Dockerfile
  • .env includes Docker environment variables to set Docker Image release numbers
  • config folder includes configuration for HTTP Proxy based in NGINX
  • docker-compose.yml is a Docker Compose template to use ACS Community with SOLR Replication
  • search folder includes a customised Dockerfile to configure SOLR Docker Image with Sharding

SOLR Considerations

Alfresco SOLR API has been protected to be accessed from outside Docker network, as using HTTP allows unauthenticated requests.

    # Protect access to SOLR APIs
    location ~ ^(/.*/service/api/solr/.*)$ {return 403;}
    location ~ ^(/.*/s/api/solr/.*)$ {return 403;}
    location ~ ^(/.*/wcservice/api/solr/.*)$ {return 403;}
    location ~ ^(/.*/wcs/api/solr/.*)$ {return 403;}

    location ~ ^(/.*/proxy/alfresco/api/solr/.*)$ {return 403 ;}
    location ~ ^(/.*/-default-/proxy/alfresco/api/.*)$ {return 403;}

SOLR Web Console access has been protected with username/password (admin/admin).

How to use this composition

Start Docker

Start docker and check the ports are correctly bound.

$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker ps --format '{{.Names}}\t{{.Image}}\t{{.Ports}}'
sharding_share_1        alfresco/alfresco-share:6.1.0                     8000/tcp, 8080/tcp
sharding_alfresco_1     alfresco/alfresco-content-repository:      8080/tcp
sharding_proxy_1        nginx:stable-alpine                     >80/tcp
sharding_postgres_1     postgres:10.1                           >5432/tcp
sharding_solr6shard2_1  search-services-sharding_solr6shard2              8983/tcp
sharding_solr6shard1_1  search-services-sharding_solr6shard1              8983/tcp

Viewing System Logs

You can view the system logs by issuing the following.

$ docker-compose logs -f

Logs for every service are also available at logs folder.


Use the following username/password combination to login.

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

Alfresco and related web applications can be accessed from the below URIs when the servers have started.

http://localhost/alfresco      - Alfresco Repository
http://localhost/solrshard1    - Alfresco Search Services (Shard 0)
http://localhost/solrshard2    - Alfresco Search Services (Shard 1)
http://localhost/share         - Alfresco Share


Some errors will be logged when starting the composition.

ERROR (SolrTrackingPool-alfresco-MetadataTracker-7) [   ] o.a.s.SolrInformationServer SolrInformationServer problem
org.alfresco.solr.TrackerStateException: 05140000 The trackers work was rolled back by another tracker error

Despite these errors are not relevant for regular use of the service, they have been fixed in Search Services 1.4.x

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