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Camel Example IoT with MQTT Protocol

The Business case for the Internet of Things -- indeed for everything becoming network connected. The example is demonstrating how to get real time and value from IoT Data

The camel application poll a Topic with mqtt and publish results in real time using elasticsearch.

  • ** Implementation view: **
  1. Add mqtt transport to A-MQ:
  1. Then install the Camel Route, we use MQTT Component in JBoss Fuse to poll in the message from broker. With the built-in component, it will save lots of code implementation time.

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  1. Elasticsearch create a new index, with the following mapping:
curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/twitter/_mapping/tweet' -d '
   "tweet" : {
       "properties" : {
           "event_datetime" : {"type" : "date"},
     "pollution_degree" : {"type" : "integer"},
     "latitude" : {"type" : "double"},
     "longitude" : {"type" : "double"},
     "location" : {"type" : "geo_point"}
  1. Kibana Dashboard:
  • Create a visualisation TileMap based on location field
  • Create a visualisation metrics based on pollution degree
  • Create a visualisation metrics based on pollution degree & event_datetime

You should obtain the following dashboard:

  • Kibana Dashboard:

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  • ** Article: **

You can find the entire article here: