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Karaf Camel Rest

This project shows a simple Apache Camel application that expose REST service and log a message to the server.

This example is implemented using solely the XML DSL (there is no Java code). The source code is provided in the following XML file src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/camel-rest.xml. It also shows how Karaf assembly files can be overriden using resources from src/main/resources/assembly/. The included sample log file etc/org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg sets the log level to DEBUG.


The example can be built with

mvn clean install

Running the example in fabric8

It is assumed that OpenShift platform is already running. If not you can find details how to Install OpenShift at your site.

The example can be built and deployed using a single goal:

mvn -Pf8-deploy

When the example runs in OpenShift, you can use the OpenShift client tool to inspect the status

To list all the running pods:

oc get pods

Then find the name of the pod that runs this quickstart, and output the logs from the running pods with:

oc logs <name of pod>

You can also use the OpenShift web console to manage the running pods, and view logs and much more.

More details

You can find more details about running this quickstart on the website. This also includes instructions how to change the Docker image user and registry.