Simple software PWM Python library for Raspberry Pi. Works with RPi.GPIO library (onboard GPIO pins), Quick2Wire expansion board and MCP230XX port expander.
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PiZyPwm, for Raspberry (Pi) Ea(zy) PWM, is an easy way to implement PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output on a Raspberry Pi using Python language.


There are three available sub-project:

  • “rpi.gpio” : if you plan to use PiZyPwm with onboard GPIO pins. It uses RPi.GPIO library, but is now obsolete as RPi.GPIO library now includes software PWM.
  • “quick2wire” : if you plan to use PiZyPwm with Quick2Wire expansion board. Thanks to SirHegel77 for the code.
  • “mcp230xx” : if you plan to use PiZyPwm with an MCP23008 or MCP23017 GPIO expander.


Due to the non real-time capacities of Python language, do not expect PWM to be very accurate. Pulses will never exactly last the theorical duration. But PiZyPwm will be enough if you don't need a great accuracy.


See into each sub-project folder.