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abouillot Change MQTT topic format
The topic fomats have been changed to be consistent uplink and downlink

The messages are published with the format RFM/<network
It also subscripe to Mosquitto Topics starting with
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This repo contain a port of LowPowerLab RFM69 library, initially targeted at Arduino, to Raspberry Pi. The Gateway code is a 1:1 replacement from Eric Tsai one to be run dirrectly on Raspberry, removing the need of a dedicated Arduino with Ethernet shield

Connect the RFM69 to the Raspberry PI

Using SPI part of Raspberry expantion port, with the IRQ connected to the pin 22 (GPIO_25)

3.3V  17
GND   20
SLCK  23
MISO  21
MOSI  19
NSS   24
DID0  22

The layout of the connection header is described at Alt Text

Install Git core, if not already done

sudo apt-get install git-core

Download the WiringPi latest version

git clone git://

A script is provided to easily build it

cd wiringPi

⚠️ Ensure you properly setup the SPI interface, using raspi-config

Install Mosquitto and the development libraries - based on

sudo apt-key add mosquitto-repo.gpg.key
cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
sudo wget
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mosquitto mosquitto-clients libmosquitto-dev libmosquittopp-dev

Grab the gateway

git clone git://

Compile the gateway

cd HomeAutomation/piGateway
g++ Gateway.c rfm69.cpp -o Gateway -lwiringPi -lmosquitto -DRASPBERRY -DDEBUG

You can omit the -DDEBUG part, if you don't want the debug output to be produced

Launch the gateway

sudo ./Gateway

sudo is required as some of the WiringPi library need it


The Gateway can also be run as a daemon

To build it you can use

make Gatewayd

To intsall the Gateway as a service and run it

sudo make install

This will build it as well, if not already done. The service will be lauch at every startup of the system.

To remove the service you can use the command

sudo make uninstall

Send Receive Test

Since I ran into the problem that I couldn't send/receive from my setup, I have added a SenderReceiver script:

compile with

make SenderReceiver

Run with

SenderReceiver -s

will send the packets

SenderReceiver -r

Will receive the packets.