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A browser-based version of RaDMaX using the Jupyter notebook, ipywidgets, bqplot and voila.
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RaDMaX online is a web-based program that allows to retrieve strain and disorder profiles in ion-irradiated materials from the simulation of X-ray diffraction data recorded in symmetric thêta-2thêta geometry.

RaDMaX online is written in Python, using the NumPy and SciPy libraries. The graphical user interface is written within a Jupyter notebook using ipywidgets for interactive widgets and bqplot for interactive plots. The html/css/javascript rendering is achieved with voilà. Some crystallographic calculations are performed using xrayutilities.

Data privacy: no data is stored on the server. All data files uploaded to RaDMaX online and all calculations performed with RaDMaX online are stored in RAM and are definitely lost when uploading a new data set or when closing the program. Session saving capabilities are available if you run the Jupyter notebook in offline mode (see below).

Help and support: new crystal structures can be added upon request. Bug reports and improvement suggestions are welcome. Contact info:

Program usage

RaDMaX online is a web application hosted at Universtiy of Limoges (the page may take a few seconds to load):


If for any reason the previous link doesn't work properly, a Binder instance of RaDMaX online can be launched here:


At first launch Binder converts the github repository into a Docker image which might take some time (up to a few minutes). See the Binder website for further details.

Video tutorial

Watch on youtube

Offline mode

The Jupyter notebook can also be executed locally. Clone or download this repository and install all required dependencies. Using pip :

pip install numpy scipy jupyter ipywidgets bqplot voila xrayutilities

If you are using anaconda, the scipy stack and jupyter are already installed:

conda install -c conda-forge ipywidgets bqplot voila


pip install xrayutilities

When working in local mode change the first line of RaDMaX.ipynb to local = 1 to benefit from automatic session saving capabilities.


This program is licensed under the CeCILL license. See LICENSE file.

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