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Getting Started with Golang - Windows

Install Go

Download Go from:

and download and install the .MSI package WITH ALL DEFAULT. Just hit NEXT.

  • If a previous version was already installed, go to "Add / Remove Programs", and remove it beforehand.

Create your GOPATH

The GOPATH is where all your Go code will live.

Create new folder in C:\ named GoPath

Go to the System control panel, click the Advanced tab. Select Environment Variables and under System variables:

  • Add GOPATH with value C:\GoPath

Install Git

Download from:

Install go tools

Open a NEW Command Prompt (cmd.exe with new env vars), paste this in to install those sweet tools:

go get -u -ldflags -H=windowsgui
go get -u
go get -u

You might see an error with godoc. Ignore it.

Install VisualStudio Code

VisualStudio Code has one of the best support for coding in Go. It has excellent plugins and works across platforms.

Download from:

After installation, do:

  • Hit Cmd+Shift+P and type in Install exte

  * Hit Enter to accept Install extensions

  * From the list, select Go, and click Install. Wait and then click Enable.

Setup Go environment variables

In VS Code, open %USERPROFILE%/.profile.

Tweak it and add these:

export GOPATH=/c/GoPath
export PATH=/c/GoPath/bin:$PATH
# Uncomment to load your SSH keys when you open Git Bash
# eval $(ssh-agent)
# ssh-add $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa

Setup of global Git configuration

Open the file %USERPROFILE%/.gitconfig in VS Code.

Make sure similar lines are in there:

name = Your Name
email =

Save & exit.

Setup GitHub authentication

Generate a new key


cat $HOME/.ssh/

If you see No such file or directory, continue on, otherwise skip this ssh-keygen step and go to Register your key on GitHub.

Still in "Git Bash", run:


Accept the default file name (hit ENTER). This key gives access to all your github repos. Secure it with a password when asked.

  • This password never leaves your computer, the key shouldn't either, but if lost, it is encrypted with this password.

Register your key on GitHub


cat $HOME/.ssh/

Go to:

Click "Add SSH key" (at the top right of the box).

Copy the ssh-rsa ....... in the Key input field. Don't fill in Title (it will use the key comment).

GitHub will ask you to confirm with your GitHub password.

Check out your first project, get ready to run and build

Open "Git Gui" (right click on the Desktop, or run git gui in Git bash)

Select Clone Existing Repository, punch in:

  • Source location:
  • Target directory: C:\GoPath\src\\abourget\getting-started-with-golang

Go to Atom, select "File" -> "Add Project Folder", and navigate to C:\GoPath\src\\abourget\getting-started-with-golang.

In Git Bash, run:

cd /c/GoPath/src/
go install -v

Modify main.go in this repository and rerun go install -v to compile and getting-started-with-golang to re-execute the program.