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upgraded to v 0.9.1

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1 parent 31d5cb1 commit 9cc50a041232e6cc3603a3b15513935926f2a8e1 @vivekfantain vivekfantain committed Jun 29, 2012
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3 comments on commit 9cc50a0


dswarbrick replied Jun 29, 2012

Is there any particular reason why v0.9.1 was imported, when the latest tagged version is v0.9.5 ?


sontek replied Jun 30, 2012

No specific reason, just slowly moving everything up. I want to do a new release in a few weeks so we are going to get 0.9.5 up and I'm going to port all of node.js test suite over to this so we can make sure we are completely compliant.


dswarbrick replied Jun 30, 2012

I've been tracking v0.9.6pre and using it in production without any noticeable problems, apart from the connect event not firing on the client when using namespaces, as described in #9

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