bi-directional git to bzr bridge: never fear bzr again
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Git to Bzr to Git to Bzr...

This tool lets you use git's day-to-day functionality for your development but still be able to interact with bzr and launchpad.

Easy to use and cleanly written (I hope (send patches!))

Example usage

Clone a launchpad repo

$ git bzr clone lp:nova nova

$ cd nova
$ git branch -a

# result ->
#   bzr/master
# * master

Make a new branch

$ git checkout -b touch_branch

$ echo "TOUCH" >> README
$ git commit -a -m "touch touch"
$ git bzr push lp:~termie/nova/touch_branch

Now you've got a cool new branch up on a server!
Go ahead and do some more work and push again.
It will go to the same place, and much faster now.

$ echo "TOUCH" >> README
$ git commit -a -m "touch touch"
$ git bzr push

How is trunk doing?
Sync is a slow operation the first time, like push.
They both speed up after they've done it once for a given branch.

$ git checkout master
$ git bzr sync
$ git diff bzr/master

Somebody else has a patch and you want to test it locally.

$ git bzr import lp:~vishvananda/nova/fix-part fix-part
$ git diff touch_branch

Like those changes? Pull them into your own branch and push them
$ git checkout touch_branch
$ git pull . -- fix-part
$ git bzr push

See for even more examples

Extra Notes

I've tried to keep you from doing anything too weird, but since it is git I am sure you can figure out someway to mess stuff up, so if you somehow manage to push weird data to your bzr/* branches, you can always force an overwrite with:

$ git bzr sync --overwrite bzr/nova

It won't do anything to any branch except the one mentioned and on that one it effectively does a bzr pull --overwrite.

Also, output is a little verbose right now since things are rather fresh.


  • git (some recent version)
  • bzr 2.2+ (pip install bzr)
  • bzr-fastimport (bzr branch lp:bzr-fastimport)
  • You also need to put the git-bzr script somewhere in your path


If you get a traceback from bzr about BTreeIndex it means you are using an old version of bzr. You need bzr 2.2+

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