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# -=- encoding: utf-8 -=-
"""Git-hg is a bi-directional interface to Mercurial, like git-svn, but for Hg.
git hg clone hg://blah/repository
git hg push
git hg fetch
git hg pull
Isn't bi-directional:
Hard to remember:
import os
import sys
# TODO: when running a command, ensure the Hg bookmark plugin is active and
# installed
def clone(url):
"""This makes an hg clone and makes that appear as a Git repository."""
subdir = os.path.basename(url)
os.system("hg clone -U %s" % (url,))
cd %s
hg bookmark hg/default -r default
# Do the import
hg gexport
# Configure the git repo and checkout
ln -s .hg/git .git
git branch master hg/default
git config core.bare false
git config core.worktree `pwd`
git reset --hard
# Ignore the .hg stuff
echo '.hg' >> .git/info/exclude
echo "[ui]
ignore = `pwd`/.hg/hgignore" >> .hg/hgrc
echo ".git" >> .hg/hgignore
""" % subdir)
def push():
"""Pushes back to the Hg repository.
Like ``git push``, but up to the remote Mercurial repo.
os.system("hg gimport")
res = raw_input("Import Git commits into Hg local repo. Push back to the Hg remote ?")
if res.lower() in ('y', 'yes', '1', 'true'):
os.system("hg push")
os.system("hg bookmark -f hg/default -r default")
def fetch():
"""Update the local branches with what is up on the remote Mercurial repo.
Equivalent to ``git fetch`` in Git.
This updates the Git branches to point to the Mercurial ones.
os.system("hg pull")
os.system("hg bookmark -f hg/default -r default")
os.system("hg gexport")
def pull():
"""Fetch and merge the remote changes to the Hg repo.
Equivalent to ``git pull`` in Git.
os.system("git merge hg/default")
if __name__ == '__main__':
map = {'clone': clone,
'fetch': fetch,
'pull': pull,
'push': push}
if sys.argv[1] in map: