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Fire Scraper

This is a Rails app that displays the latest wildfire information in California. It scrapes the CAL FIRE Incidents government site and grabs the info. From there, it stores the info in a Rails model and you, the user, get to see all the major California fire incidents.

NOTE: CAL FIRE only shows major wild fires, e.g, the San Gabriel Valley fire currently happening near Los Angeles. Your local pyro's theatrics probably won't appear here.


  • Sortable table of fire incidents
  • Total acres burned (basic math stuff)
  • All the cool kid tech (Rails, Coffeescript, Leaflet, Bootstrap, et al).


  • Add proper GeoJSON of counties on fire
  • Realtime updated either via a Cron or some bleeding edge Rails 4 tech and XML


This Rails project was built by Aaron Williams, a web developer and journalist who currently works for the Los Angeles Times.