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"culture": "en",
"texts": {
"Languages": "Languages",
"AreYouSure": "Are you sure?",
"Cancel": "Cancel",
"Clear": "Clear",
"Yes": "Yes",
"No": "No",
"Ok": "Ok",
"Close": "Close",
"Save": "Save",
"SavingWithThreeDot": "Saving...",
"Actions": "Actions",
"Delete": "Delete",
"SuccessfullyDeleted": "Successfully deleted",
"Edit": "Edit",
"Refresh": "Refresh",
"Language": "Language",
"LoadMore": "Load more",
"ProcessingWithThreeDot": "Processing...",
"LoadingWithThreeDot": "Loading...",
"Welcome": "Welcome",
"Login": "Login",
"Register": "Register",
"Logout": "Log out",
"Submit": "Submit",
"Back": "Back",
"PagerSearch": "Search",
"PagerNext": "Next",
"PagerPrevious": "Previous",
"PagerFirst": "First",
"PagerLast": "Last",
"PagerInfo": "Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ entries",
"PagerInfo{0}{1}{2}": "Showing {0} to {1} of {2} entries",
"PagerInfoEmpty": "Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries",
"PagerInfoFiltered": "(filtered from _MAX_ total entries)",
"NoDataAvailableInDatatable": "No data available",
"Total": "total",
"Selected": "selected",
"PagerShowMenuEntries": "Show _MENU_ entries",
"DatatableActionDropdownDefaultText": "Actions",
"ChangePassword": "Change password",
"PersonalInfo": "My profile",
"AreYouSureYouWantToCancelEditingWarningMessage": "You have unsaved changes.",
"GoHomePage": "Go to the homepage",
"GoBack": "Go back",
"Search": "Search",
"ItemWillBeDeletedMessageWithFormat": "{0} will be deleted!",
"ItemWillBeDeletedMessage": "This item will be deleted!",
"ManageYourAccount": "Manage your account"