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Bash talk for HackIowa 2019
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Bash Talk for HackIowa Spring 2019


What is Bash

BASH, the Bourne Again SHell, is an Unix Shell and command language that reads from the standard input or from a file. Bash allows you to interact with your filesystem and run scripts through your command line / terminal. This tutorial will focus on learning the basics of Bash as a language, as well as it's application in doing batch processing.

Setup instructions:

Dowload the talk contents:
If you don't have git installed look here

$ git clone  

You will also need a terminal/command line and your favorite text editor.

Bash (Required)

For windows users I would reccomend git-bash
For Mac and most Linux the built in terminals ship with bash

# check that bash is installed
$ which bash
# this should print a line with the path to your bash executable

Python (Optional)

You will need python3 and pip:

$ cd bash-talk/  
# install the python requirements
$ pip install -r requirements.txt  

C++ (Optional)

you will need a c++ compiler(I'd use g++)

# The following compiliers should be found, the same as bash above    
$ which g++    


More about shells --> read more here
More about scripting --> read more here

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