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Paquete de uso personal con cosas que uso día a día...


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Un simple paquete de php que puede servir de utilidad a cualquiera con muchas herramientas que facilitan el desarrollo de proyectos mucho más rápido.

how to install

composer require abr4xas/utils


$ composer update
$ composer dumpautoload -o // optional

how to use


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Abr4xas\Utils\SeoUrl;
use Abr4xas\Utils\Gravatar;
use Abr4xas\Utils\TimeFormat;
use Abr4xas\Utils\SuggestKeyword;
use Abr4xas\Utils\PrettyPrintArray;

$slug = SeoUrl::generateSlug('this is an awesome string');
// this-is-an-awesome-string

$gravatar = Gravatar::getAvatarUrl('email@domain.tld', ['s' => 80, 'd' => 'mm', 'secure' => true]);

$timeAgo = TimeFormat::timeAgo('2020-08-25');
// 21 hours ago


$keywords = SuggestKeyword::SuggestKeyword('php');


// Output:

// Array
// (
//     [0] => php
//     [1] => phpmyadmin
//     [2] => php date
//     [3] => phpstorm
//     [4] => php online
//     [5] => php array length
//     [6] => php foreach
//     [7] => phpunit
//     [8] => php array
//     [9] => php try catch
// )

random string generator usage


use Abr4xas\Utils\RandomStringGenerator;

$token = (new RandomStringGenerator)->generate();

custom alphabet


$customAlphabet = '0123456789ABCDEF';

// you can set the custom alphabet from the constructor
$token = (new RandomStringGenerator($customAlphabet))->generate();

// or you can set a new alphabet whenever needed like this:

$token = (new RandomStringGenerator)->setAlphabet($customAlphabet)->generate();


composer test


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