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Releases: abra-code/OMC

OMC version 4.2.1

02 Jan 04:39
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Bugfix release:

  • indeterminate progress bar animation fix
  • fix location of "jsc" compiler on macOS 10.15 and 11

OMC version 4.2.0

01 Dec 12:43
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Universal release with native support for Apple Silicon (arm64) Macs.
A couple of minor fixes and internal cleanup

[the following information should end up in a manual or in some helper script for applet developers]

macOS GateKeeper will not let you launch because of this: uses @rpath to look for Abracode.framework in this order:

  1. Applet bundle "Frameworks" directory
  2. "Frameworks" dir next to the [useful in organization deployment, this is the offending @rpath]
  3. /Library/Frameworks

You can inspect the load commands with:
otool -l OMC_4.2.0_12-1-20/Products/Applications/

If you build an applet for local deployment all you need to do is to re-codesign after you add some useful scripts to the applet like this:
codesign --sign "-" --verbose=4 --deep --force ~/Downloads/
No other changes should be necessary. Note that "-" signing identity is good only for local deployment and will not work on other machines.
If you would like to distribute your applet, you should embed Abracode.framework in the applet itself in and remove the offending dyld load command with install_name_tool like this:
install_name_tool -delete_rpath "@loader_path/../../../Frameworks" ~/Downloads/
and inspect the load command is gone with:
otool -l ~/Downloads/

Then the applet needs to be code signed and notarized for distribution.
For more information refer to:

OMC version 4.1.1

20 Jun 23:17
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Bugfix release:

  • fixed a problem with getting control values from modal dialogs

OMC version 4.1

14 Jun 11:21
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Added support for OMCWebKitView
A couple of bug fixes

OMC version 4.0.1

26 Dec 05:44
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Minor update with a couple of changes:

  • fixed an problem with unprocessed pending events and notifications before executing next command
  • added OMCGridView based on NSGridView for nib dialogs

OMC version 4.0

01 Oct 02:55
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Version 4.0 built binaries.
Multiple changes described in individual commits which will be summarized in documentation later.
Documentation or installer not included. Bundles are in logical directories in the archive so they can be installed manually. Code signed and notarized by Apple for macOS 10.15 Catalina.
Old, not updated but mostly relevant documentation to get started is here:
OMCEdit not included - needs work before packaged release.
Shortcuts 2.1 is required to load the contextual menu plug-in: