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Warning: this document is not yet updated for the current code organization.

Contributing to the CLI

Please read the contributing guidelines and code of conduct.

🔽 Install

Fork the abraham/nutmeg project to your own GitHub profile. Clone the fork to your local machine replacing abraham with your GitHub handle.

git clone

Within the nutmeg run npm install to install the development dependencies.

To make the development CLI available locally on your machine run npm install --global from within nutmeg/packages/cli to make this development version available as nutmeg.

🚧 Be sure to run npm install --global @nutmeg/cli after you are done developing to go back to stable.

🌱 Code

Check out a new Git branch to start working on with git checkout -b useful-feature.

Have npm run watch in a terminal window. This will watch for changes to the code and rebuild dist as needed. You can now make changes to the src and template-element files as desired and try out those changes.

👐 Contribute

Once you are happy with your changes commit them to Git with a short but descriptive message.

git commit -m 'Added useful feature'

Push the branch to your GitHub fork and create a pull request to abraham/nutmeg.

📁 Files

  • src - TypeScript files that make up the logic of the CLI. This is where most of the work gets done.
  • dist - Compiled version of the code that actually gets shipped and run. This is automatically generated by Webpack and should not be manually changed.
  • bin - The executable stubs that NPM registers on the installed machine and loads the working code from dist.
  • element-template - This is a directory of template files that get compiled and output as the product of running nutmeg new hello-world. These are what should get changed to effect the generated Web Components.

📰 Publish


$ NPM_CONFIG_OTP=123456 npx lerna publish --canary [minor]


$ npx lerna version [minor]
$ NPM_CONFIG_OTP=123456 npx lerna publish from-git