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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Check out a new Git branch to start working on with `git checkout -b useful-feat
Have `npm run watch` in a terminal window. This will watch for changes to the code and rebuild `dist` as needed. You can now make changes to the `src` and `template-element` files as desired and try out those changes.
🔼 Contribute
👐 Contribute
Once you are happy with your changes commit them to Git with a short but descriptive message.
@@ -46,3 +46,20 @@ Push the branch to your GitHub fork and create a [pull request](https://github.c
* `dist` - Compiled version of the code that actually gets shipped and run. This is automatically generated by Webpack and should not be manually changed.
* `bin` - The executable stubs that NPM registers on the installed machine and loads the working code from `dist`.
* `element-template` - This is a directory of template files that get compiled and output as the product of running `nutmeg new hello-world`. These are what should get changed to effect the generated Web Components.
📰 Publish
### Prerelase
$ NPM_CONFIG_OTP=123456 npx lerna publish --canary [minor]
### Release
$ npx lerna version [minor]
$ NPM_CONFIG_OTP=123456 npx lerna publish from-git

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