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Glasgow Coma Scale Self-Test

How fast can you calculate Glasgow Coma Scale scores? For EMS/nursing/medical students.

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is used by EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors to quantify level of consciousness in acute trauma and non-trauma patients. The scale tests eye, verbal and motor responses. The lowest score, for coma or death, is 3; the highest, for a fully responsive patient, is 15.

Because the GCS Self-Test is randomized, some test scenarios may be implausible.


Clone or download this repository. Navigate to the gcs-test directory and invoke the script:

$ cd path/to/gcs-test

$ bash path/to/

Example correct answer:

GCS Self-Test correct gif

Example incorrect answer:

GCS Self-Test incorrect gif


Use Homebrew to install randomize-lines:

brew install randomize-lines

Tested on OS X. Uploaded 9/16. Updated 3/18.