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Browse the web from the comfort of your UINavigationController.
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VEWVC Tester

What is this?

VEWebViewController is a UIViewController subclass for the iPhone, designed to be used as the top view in a UINavigationController.

It presents a UIWebView and the controls a user would expect to be available for navigating the web. An action menu is also provided, which enables a user to open the current URL in Mobile Safari, or email the current URL.

What user features does it have?

  • Full navigation: Back, Forward, Stop, Reload
  • Network status indicator in the status bar
  • Loading indicator in the toolbar
  • Landscape support
  • Action menu displays the current URL
  • Action menu items: Open in Safari, Mail Link
  • Page title is shown in the navigation bar

What programmer features does it have?

  • The class provides all of its UI in code, sans-nib. The images it requires are packaged up into a handy .bundle to minimize clutter.
  • You can provide a starting URL using an initializer.

How do I use it?

  1. Include the contents of this repository in your Xcode project using your favorite method of moving stuff around. (Drag-and-drop usually works.)
  2. Ensure your project is linking against the MessageUI framework.
  3. Import the header in the file you’d like to use it with: #import "VEWebViewController.h"
    (Alternatively, if you want to use the view controller in a number of places, add the #import statement to your .pch file.)
  4. Create a new instance of VEWebViewController, and push it onto your navigation stack:
VEWebViewController *webViewController = [[VEWebViewController alloc] initWithURLString: @""];

[self.navigationController pushViewController: webViewController animated: YES];
[webViewController release];

That’s all there is to it.

What license is this offered under?

VEWebViewController is licensed under the BSD license. Check the LICENSE file for the full text and terms.


This project was created and is maintained by @abrahamvegh.

This project is largely inspired by and intended to mimic the look and feel of the in-app web browser in Tweetie 2. We’ll miss you, Tweetie.

Many genius contributions have been made by @monoceroi. She is amazing.

@samvermette is a stand-up guy who has made helpful suggestions. You should check out his similar project, SVWebViewController.


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