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Abraia gulp image

With the Abraia Gulp plugin you can easily configure a local folder (on Windows, Mac, or Linux) to automate all your image transformations for web.

watch folder image optimization

Focus on ecommerce product and marketing images, you can:

Optimized fashion clothes pictures


First, you nee to have Node installed in your system. Once installed, we can easily create a new project to configure a watch folder and the transformation rules. Just, create a project folder and open a terminal inside it. Then, start the project and install the gulp plugin:

npm init -y
npm install gulp gulp-abraia --save-dev

Now, get your Abraia API key and set the ABRAIA_KEY environment variable, or define it at the start of your gulpfile.js.



Created the project folder and installed the plugin, you just need to create the gulpfile.js file and add your configuration rules. Then, run the gulp watch comman to start watching the configured folder.

Image optimization

Add the code bellow to your gulpfile.js to optimize all the images in the images subfolder:


const gulp = require('gulp')
const abraia = require('gulp-abraia')

gulp.task('optimize', () => {
  return gulp.src('images/*')

gulp.task('watch', () => {'images/*', gulp.series('optimize'))

Then, start watching the folder with the command bellow:

gulp watch

Now, add your images to the images folder and see how the web optimized result is appearing in the public subfolder.

Responsive images

Get several variants from a unique master image resizing and optimizing the pristine image. Just configure the sizes (usually the width) and the output name policy to get your optimized variants ready to use in a responsive design. Just add the code bellow to your gulpfile.js:


const gulp = require('gulp')
const abraia = require('gulp-abraia')

gulp.task('resize', () => {
  return gulp.src('images/**')
      { width: 1920, output: '{name}-1920.{ext}' },
      { width: 1125, output: '{name}-1125.{ext}' },
      { width: 750, output: '{name}-750.{ext}' },
      { width: 375, output: '{name}-375.{ext}' }

gulp.task('watch', () => {'images/*', gulp.series('resize'))

For instance, with the above simple code you get three optimized variants ready to be used in your mobile first responsive design (optimized for iPhones).

Image editing

Use the web image editor to easily create templates which automate your bulk operations. For instance, create a branding template (e.g. abraia.atn) and watermark and optimize all your web images at once.

Abraia image editor

gulp.task('watermark', () => {
  return gulp.src('images/**')
      { width: 750, action: 'abraia.atn', output: '{name}-brand.{ext}' }

Video optimization

Optimize your short videos for web (up to 5 minutes), and get all your videos perfectly optimized.

gulp.task('variants', () => {
  return gulp.src('videos/*')
      { height: 720, output: '{name}-720p.mp4' },
      { height: 720, output: '{name}-720p-hevc.mp4', format: 'hevc' },
      { height: 720, output: '{name}-720p.webm' }

You can also use the wysiwyg web editor to edit and create templates to automate your cropping, resizing, and overlaying operations (like branding and watermarking) and get all your videos ready for web and social media, using a watch folder.

Renaming options

Output name policies are defined with a syntax like Javascript ES6 template literals without $ simbols. The input file name and its extensin are defined as name and ext variables. So, you just need to build your output path using {name} as the placeholder for the file name, and {ext} for the original file extension.

For instance:

  • You can append a suffix to the fie name with output: '{name}-thumb.{ext}'.
  • You can store the new file in a subfolder just with output: '750/{name}.{ext}'.
  • You can convert images and videos writing the file extension like output: '{name}.webp'.


This software is licensed under the MIT License. View the license.

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