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This is a demo of using Mongrel2 in order to take input from webpages and turn it into music.
We use CSound on the backend to render.
* Mongrel2
* ZeroMQ
* ZeroMQ in perl
* CSound
* A good browser.
A demo of what I'm up to:
To run the balls thing do this:
In one terminal: make start
In another terminal: perl
In another terminal: perl
Then open up your browser and go to
http://localhost:6767/demos/ and
Have fun.
|-- -- Harbinger perl library
|-- Makefile -- Makefile to start up mongrel2
|-- -- My Mongrel2 perl bindings ZeroMQ
|-- -- Some poor Notes
|-- -- Crap file, shouldn't be here -- Harbinger example
|-- -- Jackit boot up for (used for desktop recording)
|-- -- Demo of posting with a body
|-- -- Harbinger bouncey balls instrument (uses planet.orc planet.sco)
|-- -- Use filler.html some dumb game I made (uses planet.orc planet.sco)
|-- harbinger-demos
| |-- bouncey.html -- bouncey ball entry sonified
| |-- filler.html -- filler creep game sonified
| |-- index.html -- a directory
| `-- json2.js -- a json lib I use
|-- -- ported to Perl for Mongrel2
|-- -- from Mongrel2
|-- -- ported to harbinger :D
|-- -- ported to
|-- -- redundant
|-- -- The config that I am using to run the harbinger thing in mongrel2
|-- myconfig.sqlite -- the mongrel2 config which you need to make
|-- planets.orc -- CSound Orchestra
|-- planets.sco -- CSound real time score
`-- tests
`-- sample.html -- Sample.html
For swarmed you need:
A router to plug into.
settings: set file handles high in /etc/./security/limits.conf
* soft nofile 12000
privbind -u hindle1 -n 1 make start
in sudoers
hindle1 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/privbind
Here's what we added to dnsmasq.conf