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Universal event management toolkit
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myEvent Manager


I built this project for COS343: Advanced Databases. The project implements a mySQL database to create a way for users to collaborate on creating and running an event. It has ticket, attendance, invoices, tasks, and day-of-event tracking. In building this project, I heavily relied on a spreadsheet that I developed in putting concerts on at my church in the mid/late 2000s. Each concert became very cookie cutter in nature by implementing the spreadsheet that I created. I pulled from that workflow to create this project. The requirements for this project were mostly related to database functionality, which is why there maybe some quirky functions in the python. Most of that was due to the requirements of the class being database centric, rather that generating clean code.

Packages Required

  • python3
  • flask
  • flask-mysql
  • flask-wtf
  • flask-login
  • wtforms
  • wtforms_components
  • mySQL Server
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