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NCAR Command Language Kernel for Jupyter Notebooks
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LICENSE cleanup Jun 2, 2017

IPyNCL: An IPython Notebook for NCAR Command Language


I Have Jupyter and NCL already:

Get the Jupyter package either by downloading zip file from this git or clone this git repository.

Go into the package directory and install package by

python install

Then open a jupyter notebook jupyter notebook and find NCL in list of notebooks to use. Start scripting like in NCL.

The NCL kernel for Jupyter will use what ever ncl version is currently sourced.

I Dont Have Jupter Notebook:

First get Miniconda, it cleanly maintains different python versions/programs within their own virtual environments, to minimize any conflicts with other packages. Moreover it is easy local installation, it sets the paths for you in the end. You can get the version for your operating system here

Install jupyter and ncl by

conda create -n ncl_notebook -c conda-forge ncl=6.4.0 python=3.6 jupyter

if you're on mac try the below instead

conda create -n ncl_notebook -c conda-forge -c ncar ncl=6.4.0 gsl python=3.6 jupyter

Activate this environment with source activate ncl_notebook and launch the jupyter server with jupyter notebook

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