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TelegramBot is a simple node based module for creating programs which make use of telegram bots.

Creating A Bot

  1. Create a new bot on telegram via @BotFather and receive a token.
  2. Require telegrambot.js in your node application
  3. Create a new instance of TelegramBot and pass the token you received from @BotFather
  4. Either have a webhook URL already set or supply one via the function setWebhook
  5. Add new commands by using the function addCommand
  6. Override the functions in TelegramBot.functions
  7. Enjoy!

This module only supports updating via setWebhook and not getUpdates.

// Create a new instance of a bot and supply your token. When created
// the 'getMe' method will be called to receive the name and id of the bot
var bot = new TelegramBot('<token here>');

// Supply a URL which is listening for updates
bot.setWebhook( '' );

// Add a command 'test', arguments are space seperated. URL encoding is supported
bot.addCommand( 'test', function( id, from, chat, date, arguments ) {
  console.log( from, chat, arguments );

bot.functions.onPlainText = function( id, from, chat, date, message ) {
  console.log("This will be called when a normal text message is received.", id, from, chat, date, message);