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Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


General Rules

  • As much as possible, try to follow the existing format of markdown and code.

All ▲lgorithms Javascript Library Structure

  • Directories and files are all in lower case letter.
  • Directories in documentation and libraries are separated by a minus or hyphen (-) following kebeab-case style.

We follow this structure

 ├── docs
 │   │── sorting
 |   |    │──
 |   |    └──
 │   └── searches
 |        └──
 ├── src
 │   │── sorting
 |   |    │── bubble-sort.js
 |   |    └── merge-sort.js
 |   |
 │   │─── searches
 |   |    │── binary-search.js
 |   |    └── linear-search.js
 |   |
 │   │─── sorting.js
 |   |
 │   │─── searches.js
 |   |
 |   └─── test
 |	      │── sorting.test.js
 |	      └── searches.test.js
 └── package.json

Adding new algorithms

  • Make your pull requests to be specific and focused. Instead of contributing "several algorithms" all at once contribute them all one by one separately (i.e. one pull request for "Binary Search", another one for "Bubble Sort" and so on).
  • Describe what you do in code using comments.

Style XO code style

We are proudly using XO, so make sure you follow that style.

Adding Documentation

Please make sure if you add an algorithm, you also add the required documentation for it the /docs directory.

Follow some of the examples already added.

If you are modifying an algorithm make sure you add a benchmark using for the maintainers to have it easy to review it.

Lastly and not less important:

Make sure you start ⭐️ the project and follow @abranhe

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