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Easy way to Release npm packages on Github
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github - npm

Release npm packages on Github never had been easier

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	$ npx github-npm <command...>

Where version can be:
	patch | minor | major

	-h  --help                   Show help and exit
	--version                    View package version
	<version>                    Select between <patch, minor, major>
	<version> -m <message>       Add a custom message to commit
	                             Eg: $ github-npm patch -m "drop new realese"


  • Go to master branch
  • Publish npm package
  • Commit changes with a default message of package version published or with custom message using -m "your custom message"
  • Create a new semantic tag and publish it

Read more on my blog.


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gong : Gem on Github: Release gem packages easier on Github.


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