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Programming Languages Logos
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List of programming languages logos

programming gif

High resolution programming languages logos

Programming languages are the way we developers talk with the machine, but what happens when we want to talk about them? Probably in a blog post, in a Medium story, in a presentation, or 🤔 well something else ..., the thing is that we want to include them in our life and the best way to do it is with a logo.

Some programming languages logos

This project include high resolution .png with transparent backgrounds programming languages logos with different dimensions and also a vector .svg version of them.

A complete list of the logos can be found int the src/ directory.

  • 16 x 16
  • 24 x 24
  • 32 x 32
  • 48 x 48
  • 64 x 64
  • 128 x 128
  • 512 x 512

Default logo: 2048 x 2048

What to help? Start by reading the contributing guidelines.


All logos
$ npm install programming-languages-logos

You can then import the badges from ./node_modules/programming-languages-logos, for example ./node_modules/programming-languages-logos/src/c/c.svg.

Use the hosted version on jsdelivr.

Download the zip from Github.

We have created a simple way to use those logos in your HTML. First include the library & then include the <i> where you want it and that's it!

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">


<i class="programming lang-ruby"></i>
<i class="programming lang-javascript"></i>
<i class="programming lang-cpp"></i>
<i class="programming lang-typescript"></i>
<i class="programming lang-python"></i>
<i class="programming lang-kotlyn"></i>



Search logos on

Individual logos
$ npm install @programming-languages-logos/<logo>

Example: (Java)

I recommend to install it as a developer dependency: --save-dev

$ npm install @programming-languages-logos/java --save-dev


Mainly inspired by Browser logos. I would be imposible



Carlos Abraham Logo
Carlos Abraham


All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners!

If you represent the entity that has the rights over a logo and you want, for whatever reason, that logo removed from this project, open an issue requesting its takedown and we will remove it as soon as possible.

MIT License © Carlos Abraham

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