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Allow summoners to find support players near their skill level using the League of Legends API. Currently limited on allowed API calls.

Repository for FindMeASupport. All of the material has been converted to using PHP and MySQL. All changes for testing should be added to branch develop. If in the process of making multiple changes use a local branch.

#####Branch Setup master -> live site
develop -> localhost testing
localbranch -> incremental changes

#####Functionality Needed

  1. Improve overall visuals.
  2. Add in details about Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.

#####Sprint Details Improve overall visuals:

  • redesign logo
  • get rid of janna on first page


  • v3.0 Working system on all regions with error checks. (March 18 2014)
  • v2.2 Updated UI and have properly functional calculations. (March 14 2014)
  • v2.0 Prototype functionality out. (March 12 2014)
  • v1.7 All backend functionality completed to work correctly. (March 8 2014)
  • v1.3 Basic functionality with database added. (March 7 2014)
  • v1.2 Player class added working with API. (March 6 2014)
  • v1.1 Reorganized material, converted to PHP. (March 5 2014)
  • v1.0 Initial material added. (February 17 2014)