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OneDrive Client for Linux

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A free Microsoft OneDrive Client which supports OneDrive Personal, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive for Office365 and SharePoint.

This powerful and highly configurable client can run on all major Linux distributions, FreeBSD, or as a Docker container. It supports one-way and two-way sync capabilities and securely connects to Microsoft OneDrive services.

This client is a 'fork' of the skilion client which was abandoned in 2018.


  • State caching
  • Real-Time file monitoring with Inotify
  • File upload / download validation to ensure data integrity
  • Resumable uploads
  • Support OneDrive for Business (part of Office 365)
  • Shared Folder support for OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business accounts
  • SharePoint / Office365 Shared Libraries
  • Desktop notifications via libnotify
  • Dry-run capability to test configuration changes
  • Prevent major OneDrive accidental data deletion after configuration change
  • Support for National cloud deployments (Microsoft Cloud for US Government, Microsoft Cloud Germany, Azure and Office 365 operated by 21Vianet in China)

What's missing

  • While local changes are uploaded right away, remote changes are delayed until next automated sync cycle when using --monitor
  • Ability to encrypt/decrypt files on-the-fly when uploading/downloading files from OneDrive
  • Support for Windows 'On-Demand' functionality so file is only downloaded when accessed locally
  • A GUI for configuration management

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting issues

If you encounter any bugs you can report them here on Github. Before filing an issue be sure to:

  1. Check the version of the application you are using onedrive --version and ensure that you are running either the latest release or built from master.
  2. Fill in a new bug report using the issue template
  3. Generate a debug log for support using the following process
    • If you are in any way concerned regarding the sensitivity of the data contained with in the verbose debug log file, create a new OneDrive account, configure the client to use that, use dummy data to simulate your environment and then replicate your original issue
    • If you are still concerned, provide an NDA or confidentiality document to sign
  4. Upload the debug log to pastebin or archive and email to
    • If you are concerned regarding the sensitivity of your debug data, encrypt + password protect the archive file and provide the decryption password via an out-of-band (OOB) mechanism. Email for an OOB method for the password to be sent.
    • If you are still concerned, provide an NDA or confidentiality document to sign

Known issues

Refer to docs/

Documentation and Configuration Assistance

Installing from Distribution Packages or Building the OneDrive Client for Linux from source

Refer to docs/

Configuration and Usage

Refer to docs/

Configure OneDrive Business Shared Folders

Refer to docs/

Configure SharePoint / Office 365 Shared Libraries (Business or Education)

Refer to docs/

Configure National Cloud support

Refer to docs/

Docker support

Refer to docs/