A chatbot that tells you quotes, jokes, weather info, movie suggestions, text + image moderation and language translation. It's cross-platform and available on all major channels.
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Crave Engine

Crave Engine is a chatbot that can tell you quotes, jokes, weather info of your city, movie suggestions, text moderation, image moderation and language translation.

Crave Engine is now live on:

  1. Google Assitant
  2. Amazon Alexa Devices
  3. Telegram
  4. Slack - unpublished version
  5. Online
  6. Skype
  7. GroupMe
  8. FB Messenger
  9. and the most powerful one at Discord


For list of commands and all the usage - See my blog post


Standard features on all platforms:

  1. Tells you quotes from Abrays
  2. Tells you jokes
  3. Suggests you movies to watch
  4. Tells you weather info from over 2 Lakh cities

Google Assistant:

Same as above features


Same as above features

Rest of the channels:

  1. Text and Image Moderation
  2. Image OCR(Optical Character Recognition)
  3. Language Translation


  1. Prerequities:

2.Clone the repo $ git clone https://github.com/abrays/crave-engine.git

  1. Optional: Since, some packages uses old dependencies that are vulnerable, so use this Temporary solution:

    • First run $ npm install. This will create a node_modules folder.
    • Run $ npm audit and you'll see that some packages are vulnerable. So we'll change this now.
    • Then delete the package-lock.json file
    • Then move the tmp/node_modules each package.json files to respective node_modules(in root folder of your project) folder which was created when you ran npm install command.
    • Then again run $ npm install
    • Then run $ npm audit. Now all vulnerablility alerts are gone.
  2. Go to your channel folder, Ex: cd ce-google and then start the server with node index.js

  3. All the respective channels require https for deploying and even testing chatbots, so you need to use ngrok. This chatbot uses:

    • DialogFlow for Google Assistant App
    • Alexa Developer portal for Alexa App
    • Botframework for rest of the channels
  4. Paste the URL from your ngrok client on above channel(s) and train your models. That's it.

  5. Change the code as per your requirements.

Next Steps:

  • : Open source ce-discord
  • : Add Language Translation feautre to ce-google


If you would like to contribute, please check this contributing guide

Please check this Code of Conduct guide before contributing or having any kind of discussion(issues, pull requests etc.) with the Abrays Notes project!


Need help? Questions? Or just say us hi!

  1. Abrays Discord Server
  2. Abrays Blog
  3. Gitter
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram