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Apollo is a collection of PHP scripts written to provide a web-based interface for students to upload coursework. It was originally written to be used with a single Socrates installation on a multi-user system, but has been since decoupled from Socrates.

Apollo reads, parses and uses metafiles to determine the expected files for a given assignment, as well as the due date of each file. (In this context, a metafile is a file containing data about other files. Here, the data are the due date and late multipliers.) Apollo will automatically start & stop allowing submissions for the files, based on the specified due dates. Apollo will also ensure that students are uploading the correct files by checking their file names and file sizes.

Apollo also supports reading Socrates plain text grade files, when graders have finished using Socrates for grading. However, you are not required to use Socrates to produce these grade files: the only thing Apollo requires is the existence of a single line at the end of the file containing

total: A/B

where both A and B are integers or floating-point numbers, A is the number of points earned by the student, and B is the total number of possible points.

Note as well that Apollo supports multiple grade files for a given assignment. Suppose the assignment is ps7. Apollo will look for a grade file named ps7-grade.txt in DROPBOX_DIR. If this is present, the contents of that plain text file are shown to the student. However, if any other grade files with a grading group portion (any alphabetic string between the ps7 part and the -grade.txt part), e.g. ps7a-grade.txt and ps7b-grade.txt is present, Apollo will show them as well, labeling the grades as being for "Group A" and "Group B", respectively.

Apollo makes use of the Spyc YAML library for PHP. Many thanks to Vlad Andersen for his work on this library, which makes socrates integration possible!