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texas - A poker experiment in Haskell

texas is a collection of Haskell scripts I have played around with in my free time. The package currently contains a couple of (mostly incomplete) modules related to playing cards and the game of poker.

The Card module contains a representation of suits, values, and cards. It contains an instantiation of Ord on cards. The module also contains functions to help convert strings to Cards, binary comparison functions and comparison functions on lists, and functions for dividing and shuffling cards. There are also some useful values, namely: suits, the list of all suits in a standard deck; values, the list of all possible values (or ranks) of cards; and deck, the list of all 52 playing cards. Novelty values are also included (see cowboys and oneEyed).

The Shuffle module contains the wash function, a shameless adaptation of the function from the Haskell wiki.

The Poker module contains the Hand type, a representation of possible poker hands. It also contains the hand function, which will returns the most valuable hand represented by a list of cards. In this module are functions that do poker deals, including a function dealBoard that simulates a Texas hold 'em deal.

The Stats module is mostly empty now, but it should eventually contain some tools for calculating poker hand probability.

The Main module is a small example of how the scripts can work together. It simulates one round of a Texas hold 'em game with three players, without betting and without determining a winner.

If you find that some of the code would be useful in your project, you may use it, but you should mention me and perhaps this repository.