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todo - A tool to help you do

todo is a basic shell script for bash (and probably other shells) that manages a tiny file (by default, located at ~/todo) with your important tasks. Todos are manipulated via the command line through simple, easy-to-remember commands.

  1. todo or todo list lists all of your todos,
  2. todo add adds a new todo,
  3. todo amend amends an existing todo, and
  4. todo remove removes the specified todo.

The file managed by todo is as simple as it gets. Each todo is written to a new line. todo merely adds and removes lines to this file. If you outgrow todo, it can be easily transported to other GTD applications, as long as you're comfortable with a little file manipulation from the command line. todo tries to save to the file ~/todo by default, but you can change a simple variable in the source code to change this.

todo was inspired by and adheres to Douglas McIlroy's Unix philosophy:

  • Write programs that do one thing and do it well.
  • Write programs to work together.
  • Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.

todo is my first foray into shell scripting. I hope you find it useful. I tinker around with it sometimes. If you have something to contribute or a bug to fix, don't hesitate to send a merge request!

todo is released under the GNU General Public License.


Before installing, verify you have a Linux Standard Base-compliant operating system, or at the very least: bash, awk, and sed.

Probably the best way to install todo is to create a symbolic link to it from some directory in your preferred shell's PATH variable, like this:

ln -s todo /usr/local/bin/todo

Then you'll be able to use todo from anywhere.