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Mautic Plugin using InfoBip API
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This project is a Plugin to Send Mobile Text Messages using InfoBip API. Mautic have integration with Twillio only, so, this plugin is a new alternative to the users of Mautic.

Code Example

The development of this plugin is simples and easy. I'm using all the structure of the base SMSBundle, in the config file, I point almost all classes to the original Bundle, but, in the API I created a InfobipAPI and pointed in config files, passing the necessary parameters to make work.


Mautic offers only Twillio API integration and in our project, we use InfoBip to send SMS to our leads, so, I had to work in a solution for this.


Put the InfoBipSmsBundle in the plugins folder. Go to the Configuration -> TextMessages Settings. Enable Text Message. Put your user and password of the InfoBip Service and Save.


After configure the plugin. 1 - Go to Channels -> Text Messages. 2 - Create a text message with any content. 3 - Go to Components -> Form. 4 - Create a new Form (New Campaign Form). 5 - Create the form with a email or mobile number field. 6 - Go to Campaigns. 7 - Create a new campaign: Contact Sources: Campaign Form. 8 - Choose the form you created early. 9 - In the next step, select Action. 10 - In the select box, chose InfoBip Send text messages. 11 - In the box of InfoBip Send text messages, put a name and choose the form message that you created early. 12 - Save your campaign. 13 - Go to Contacts. 14 - Create a contact with a valid mobile number. 15 - Go to Components -> Form. 16 - Click in Preview in the form that you created. 17 - Send this form with the contact information. 18 - Execute the command php console mautic:campaigns:trigger. 19 - The contact used to fill the form, will receive the text message.



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