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Escape quotation in readme example.

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1 parent 15f8c0c commit 54c0554b389aeab7dfed2ec69ec539de73123f1d @abrimo committed Feb 23, 2012
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@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ autocomplete_options: {
"key": "JustKey",
- "description": "* Just a <a href=\"">link</a>"
+ "description": "* Just a <a href=\"\">link</a>"

3 comments on commit 54c0554


Thanks. Did not test that. A-last-minute-change which does affect to anything. Yeah, for sure.


I only noticed it when I copy and pasted from the example. The change works very nicely, if you're auto-completing users then you could include their icon and more details.


Yes, and the iframe and other html injection stuff were included just for demoing purpose of the possibilties and/or possible vulnerabilties.

We at Enersize use it, for now, just as an additional text field.

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