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import requests
import json
import pickle
import sys
import os
import collections
from datetime import datetime
from multiprocessing import Pool
def env(key, default):
return os.environ.get(key) if os.environ.get(key) else default
POOL_SIZE = int(env('POOL_SIZE', 0)) # default no threading
MAX_PACKAGES = int(env('MAX_PACKAGES', 0)) # default all packages
SAVE_FILE = 'save.p'
OUTPUT_FILE = env('OUTPUT_FILE', 'data.csv')
Package = collections.namedtuple('Package', 'name source owner download_count date_added')
Recipe = collections.namedtuple('Recipe', 'name source owner download_count')
def format_header():
return 'name,source,owner,download_count,date_added'
def format_package(p):
return f"{},{p.source},{p.owner},{p.download_count},{p.date_added}"
def get_date_added(recipe):
if not os.path.exists(f"melpa/recipes/{recipe}"):
return ""
stream = os.popen(f"cd melpa && git log --format=%at recipes/{recipe} | tail -1")
output =
ts = int(output)
date = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(ts).strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
return date
def get_recipe_list():
r = requests.get('')
recipe_list = json.loads(r.content)
def get_source(name):
return recipe_list[name]['fetcher']
def get_owner(name):
d = recipe_list[name]
if 'repo' in d:
return d['repo'].split('/')[0]
return ''
return recipe_list, get_source, get_owner
def download_count_getter():
r = requests.get('')
download_counts = json.loads(r.content)
def get_download_count(name):
return download_counts[name]
return get_download_count
def build_package(r):
name =
source = r.source
owner = r.owner
dl = r.download_count
print(f"Fetching {name}")
date = get_date_added(name)
return Package(name=name, source=source, owner=owner, download_count=dl, date_added=date)
def fetch_packages():
recipe_list, get_source, get_owner = get_recipe_list()
get_download_count = download_count_getter()
recipe_list = [r for r in list(recipe_list.keys())[0:MAX_PACKAGES]]
l = [Recipe(name=r, source=get_source(r), owner=get_owner(r),
download_count=get_download_count(r)) for r in recipe_list]
if POOL_SIZE == 0:
packages = [build_package(r) for r in l]
with Pool(POOL_SIZE) as p:
packages =, l)
return packages
def update_packages(packages):
u = []
recipe_list, get_source, get_owner = get_recipe_list()
get_download_count = download_count_getter()
for p in packages:
name =
source = get_source(name)
owner = get_owner(name)
dl = get_download_count(name)
date = p.date_added
if date == '':
date = get_date_added(name)
u.append(Package(name=name, source=source, owner=owner, download_count=dl, date_added=date))
return u
def pickle_packages(packages):
if len(packages) > 0:
pickle.dump(packages, open(SAVE_FILE, 'wb'))
def get_packages():
if os.path.exists(SAVE_FILE):
packages = update_packages(pickle.load(open(SAVE_FILE, 'rb')))
packages = fetch_packages()
return packages
def main():
packages = get_packages()
with open(OUTPUT_FILE, 'w') as output:
output.write(format_header() + '\n')
for p in packages:
output.write(format_package(p) + '\n')
if __name__ == '__main__':