Meeting 20120522 Hengelo

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Hengelo 22/05/2012

This was the first Native OSGi meeting, which took place in Hengelo (hosted by Thales) on the 22nd of May, 2012.

Participants: Alexander Broekhuis, Pepijn Noltes, Marcel Offermans, Rene Van hees, Sascha Zelzer

Project Presentations

  • General overview about Thales and why a Native OSGi solution is important (given by Rene)
  • Presentation of the CTK Plugin Framework and its history (given by Sascha)
  • Overview about the SOF and nOSGi frameworks based on input via email from the developers (presentation given by Sascha on behalf of the original authors Matthias Grosam and Steffen Kächele)

All projects seemed to have a lot in common. An API and bundle format specification for Native OSGi would certainly be of benefit for everybody and boost interoperability.

Remote services are certainly a way for the different frameworks to exchange bundles, but we are aiming for a tighter integration.

Technical Discussions

Please see the draft pages for the technical discussions about specific topics:

The following photo documents the discussion process about a standardized native OSGi bundle:

Native OSGi draft

Here is another one, about how to bind a C service struct to a C++ interface class and vice versa:

C/C++ interoperability

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