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As far as design thoughts go I realized that in an X11 environment the
right way to enroll, de-enroll windows for sharing is mark windows via
X11 window properties which means the initial management interface is
merely xprop. This makes it easy for a windowmanager, a CLI an a GUI
tool all to be used simultaneously and we really have nothing to
implement for mechanism, just a very thin UI. We would also use the
X11 properties to indicate remote user focus and, perhaps, remote
urgency (which might translate to local urgency).
Random implementation notes:
- I noticed a "blackout_regions" notion while trolling the
sources, this seems like it might be an interesting feature to
use at some point. the two X11 screen grabbing mechanisms (which
are used to detect deltas in x11vnc) are XGetSubImage and
XShmGetImage (I presume we want to use this one), both of which
are happy to grab any rectangle on the screen, not necessarily
the whole desktop and should serve window grabbing nicely.
- I've been thinking of using XMPP as the management communication
mechanism allowing the manager to send human readable IP:PORT
links to users who are using conventional VNC clients or, if
a remote manager is running, it would be a non-available XMPP
presence which would be the target if detected (or something
like that). XMPP could also send a per-session auth-cookie
/ password.
- The ports should be random high-ports since these will quickly
and easily go beyond the "standard" VNC ports. Maybe it would
only use random high-ports if it detected a remote manager.
I'm still thinking through the sharing workflows. Should we aim to
support more than two individuals sharing a pool of windows? ("pool"
is my notion of the set of windows shared and available to both (all)
parties, this becomes more complex if there are more than two people).