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ABRT (Automatic Bug detection and Reporting Tool) is a set of tools to help users detect and report application crashes. It's main purpose is to ease the reporting process and finding a solution.
The daemon and collection of tools handling crashes and monitoring logs for errors. Takes care of storing and processing of the crashes caught by various hooks.

Cockpit Project

Cockpit is an interactive server admin interface, which helps administer the GNU / Linux server through a web browser. This tool shows errors (catched by ABRT) with severity in log. Every error can be reported on this tool. If error/bug is reported, Bugzilla returns a link with information about what cause a crash and if issue should be fixed in the new version.


Node Problem Detector

Node Problem Detector is a daemon which runs on each node, detects problems in node and reports it to apiserver. Node Problem Detector uses sub-daemon AbrtAdaptor for monitoring ABRT log messages and sending them further.







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