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A utility for viewing problems that have occurred with the system.


gnome-abrt is a graphical user interface which allows users to analyze and report application crashes, system failures and other problems.

The tool was developed according to Oops!

gnome-abrt is part of the ABRT project.


Development dependencies

Build dependencies can be installed using:

# dnf builddep --spec gnome-abrt.spec

Building from sources

When you have all dependencies installed run the following commands:

$ meson build --prefix=/usr
$ ninja -C build


gnome-abrt uses pylint to validate source codes. If pylint prints out any issue, the test will fail. Run the test by:

$ ninja -C build test

Configure pylint in pylintrc.

Disable a particular pylint message in the source code by adding comment in the following form:

#pylint: disable=<message code>


A run target is provided for running gnome-abrt with built changes:

$ ninja -C build run


If you need an rpm package, run:

$ ninja -C build rpm