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Blogger to Markdown

Convert Blogger & WordPress backup blog posts to hugo compatible markdown documents

Usage: node index.js b|w <BLOGGER BACKUP XML> <OUTPUT DIR>

For Blogger imports, blog posts and comments (as seperate file <postname> will be created in "out" directory

    node index.js b your-blogger-backup-export.xml out

For WordPress imports, blog posts and comments (as seperate file <postname> will be created in "out" directory

    node index.js w your-wordpress-backup-export.xml out

If you want the comments to be merged in your post file itself. you can use flag m at the end. Defaults to s for seperate comments file

    node index.js w your-wordpress-backup-export.xml out m

Installation (usual node project)

  • Download or Clone this project
  • cd to directory
  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • Run node index.js <arg...>

Notes to self

Script to convert posts from Blogger to Markdown.

  • Read XML
  • Parse Entries (Posts and comments) (with xpath?)
  • Parse Title, Link, Created, Updated, Content, Link
  • List Post & Respective comment counts
  • Content to MD - pandoc?
  • Parse Images, Files, Videos linked to the posts
  • Create output dir
  • List items that are not downloaded( or can't) along with their .md file for user to proceed


  • Wrote this to consilidate and convert my blogs under one roof.
  • Plain simple workflow with hugo
  • Ideas was to download associated assets (images/files) linked to post. Gave up, because it was time consuming and anyhow I need to validate the markdown with assets of converted. And I don't see benefit.
  • Initial assumption was to parse with xpath but I found xml2json.js was easier
  • Also thought pandoc is a overkill and turndown.js was successful, though I had to wrap empty text to md instead of html.
  • I want to retain comments. Believe it or not, There were some good comments.
  • Was sick and spent around ~12 hrs over 5 days in coding and testing with my blog contents over ~150 posts. And also, I find parsing oddly satisfying when it result in success. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Convert WordPress content to Markdown for use in Static Site Generator






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