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3 pages in 3 weeks

3 pages in 3 weeks esstentially is a series workshop which try to help DEVs, QAs or even UXs to practice the basic HTML/CSS skills. As the name says, we'll use 3 weeks to implement 3 pages, each page is a individual web design from

It doesn't matter which 3 pages your choose actaully, but the basic idea behind it is try to choose some modern and fancy ones.

Week 1

Common workflow of how to build a static page from scrath by using:

  1. Compass/SCSS
  2. Guard + LiveReload
  3. Using FontIcon as Icon
  4. Google Fonts API

And also, some demostration and showcase will be involved. So people from no-tech background will get the basic understanding of what's happening.

Week 2

Basic princples of Web Design

  1. HTML5/CSS3 Basic
  2. Transition
  3. Animation

Week 3

  1. How to use Color
  2. How to use Image
  3. What makes one design different with another
  4. CRAP


3 Pages In 3 Weeks Workshop



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